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Read about my social practice and curatorial work, featured in this month’s Art New England: “To Pop Up or Not: New England Galleries Go Nomadic?” by Julianna Thibodeaux

“We came to it both with this idealistic or very optimistic radical thinking that people need to make art, and we want to be a platform for that outside of commercial activities, because I think it really limits the kind of work that gets seen.”

A spread from an artist book by Esther S. White, 10 Things I Did Not Do, made for the 10X10: 2018 Artists’ Book/Zine Swap box set, curated and organized by Trevor Powers for Fugitive Arts.

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL at Bromfield Gallery

ESW, self-portrait, 2018, 8″x10″, collagraph, edition of 5

“Up Close and Personal”
July 6 – 29, 2018 at Bromfield Gallery 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA
Reception: Friday, July 6, 6:00-8:30 PM

Two of my recent self-portraits were chosen for this juried exhibition at Bromfield Gallery. The show addresses “contemporary culture regarding the realms of the personal vs. the public, in artwork that provokes, challenges, and illuminates.”


There are two overlapping areas of investigation demanded by my conditions as an artist, as a parent to a young child, and as a person living with chronic pain. I must contend with both the disparity between inner self and experience in contrast with one’s outward presentation and with the split identity required to be both an artist and a mother.

These prints are part of an ongoing series of self portraits made from selfies taken during migraine attacks.

ESW, self-portrait, 2018, 5″x7″, silk aquatint, edition of 10


Gallery A3

ESW, self-portrait, 2018, 8″x6″, photographic silk aquatint with chine colle

Gallery A3, 5th Annual Juried Exhibition
Juror: Emma Chubb, Smith College Museum of Art
June 7-30, 2018, Amherst Cinema Complex, 28 Amity St, Amherst, MA

“Four Ways In” group exhibition at A.P.E. Ltd Gallery

Esther S White, self-portrait, 2017, silk aquatint monoprint, 7”x10.25”

A.P.E. Ltd. Gallery 126 Main St Northampton, MA (413)545-0680
April 4–29, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, April 13, 5–8 PM

Esther S White, Kevin Pomerleau, Claire Crews and Sally Clegg present new work in conversation. The four artists, who met at Zea Mays Printmaking, have been building a routine of collaborative thought and curation. Working independently, they have each created new work that in a variety of ways addresses the subjects of touch, permeability, barriers, visualization, and proximity.

Sally Clegg is a visual artist and writer. Sally was awarded an MCC 2018 Artist Fellowship for Drawing & Printmaking. “My goal as an artist is to bear witness to private, protected, or otherwise invisible experiences or forces. My work integrates information from observation with invented content to create and manipulate narrative. I am continuously seeking the intersection of written and visual storytelling, and regularly experiment with utilizing literary tools in my visual practice, such as structural elements used in poetry, comics, and prose.”

Kevin Pomerleau is a printmaker. His work focuses on telling stories through images of the textiles present during pivotal moments of his own life. Pomerleau’s work entices the viewer to peer into his world without actually allowing them to enter, touching on themes of isolation, connection, and the plights of the queer community.

Claire Hawley Crews is a weaver and printmaker. Claire’s work interrogates digital technologies, memory and documentation, intimacy and ambiguity, from a growing technical knowledge of textile craft and intaglio printmaking.

Odds & Ends

New artists’ books presented at the 2017 Odds and Ends: Art Book Fair at the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, CT.

Esther S White, Disappearing Woman, 2017, artist book: photo-collagraph and photographic silk aquatint monoprints, drum leaf book with wrapped hard cover, 32 pages, 5.75”x7.75”


Esther S White, I Thought I Knew, 2017, artist book: gelatin plate monotypes, sumigashi marbled paper, exposed western binding with styrene covers, 44 pages, 8”x10”


Esther S White, Untitled, 2017, artist book: gelatin plate monotypes from paper collages made by the artist’s 2-year- old son at daycare, coptic binding, 16 pages, 10”x13”