100 Eyes

Installation shots from MICAfest The M/others’ View Art Exhibtion at Northampton Center for the Arts May 2024.

I make pottery with imagery from mythology and heroic poetry. Parents (especially mothers) are under constant surveillance, formally by the state, but also informally whenever we parent in public. My ceramic work exploring the myth of Argus (a giant covered with one hundred eyes, “the Watcher”) positions those one hundred eyes within a space where there is the potential for both witnessing and validation, or surveillance and judgment. 

I’m a parent of two young children (ages 9 and 4), growing up without school. I have a chronic illness that adds complexity to parenting and working. Disability has forced me to look critically at how our society applies value to work, reproductive labor, and parenting. As parents, we have chosen to home educate, in part so that we can live at a pace that adapts to my own varying capacity.