Made at Anderson Ranch

ESW, Untitled, 2017; artist book: frottage silkscreen monotype, suminagashi “floating ink” paper marbling, toddler drawings; drumleaf binding, covered boards, 6.75”x10.25”

This book was made during a one-week retreat at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado thanks to a fellowship from the Boston Printmakers. My week at the Ranch was the longest period I have been away from my son since he was born, and the first time I have travelled alone since I was married in 2009. The time apart was exhilarating, and yet I was not really alone. My creative energies have been transformed by motherhood: the thrill of recognizing my son’s growing artistic voice pulsed through my work that week.​

The frottage silkscreen monotype prints were made by taking rubbings of the architecture of the studios and insulated coffee sleeves provided by the Ranch Café. The monotypes that make up the book’s pages are sequenced to relate my experience of immersion in my practice at the Ranch. Collaged drawings and marbled papers interrupt, intercept, and influence the book’s unfolding.