Tactile Print

Photocollagraphs included in Tactile Print exhibition, opening August 12, 2017 at ECA+ Gallery in Old Town Hall, Easthampton, MA; curated by Hannah Richards.

My work comes out of a need to communicate outside of language. It is the testimony and the investigation of experiences that cannot be put to bed; too unwieldy to be written down, spoken aloud, or relegated to memory.

The prints included in this show are part of my exploration of the competing roles of the Artist-Mother, Mother-Artist and an acknowledgement of the immense influence that my two-year-old son has had on my work and my practice.

I am more comfortable in my own skin and more sure of my identity as an artist than ever before. I have never before felt so compelled to make work, with so many ideas to pursue. I have never before had so much pressure on my time and attention.

My approach to reconciling this tension has been to chip away at the boundaries between life and art, mother and artist. Instead of an impediment, it has become a spark.

Also included in the exhibition: Anderson Ranch artist book & Mama Hands prints.